Manifesto Reche is a Madrid based clothing and accessories Brand founded in 2012 by Sandra and Natalia Escudero. Both, living in an atmosphere of architecture and contemporary art, decided to create Manifesto Reche.

Manifesto Reche is defined by strict architectural cuts, overlays and volumes, giving great importance to the materials. This, plus the attention to the detail, photography, and the fusion of those with conceptual art, gets the meaning to create the different MANIFESTOS.

On May 2012, Manifesto Reche presented its first MANIFESTO, ARCHITECTURAL SUBURBS as an exhibition, and for which the brand was selected to have presence at SOUTH 36.32n. On June 2012, a set of clothes by Manifesto Reche won the fashion-show COOLPEOPLE3 at MBFWM. Started 2013, Manifesto Reche presented its second MANIFESTO, BOUNDARIES, that reflects upon the architectural limits and frontier textures. On September 2012 and February 2013 the brand was selected to have presence at MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID. On February 2015, the tulle collection was presented as an installation at COAM.

"When contemporary art, architecture, photography,... want to be dressed."


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